A Complete Guide to Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest 2023

With over 431 million monthly active members, Pinterest is the 14th largest social network in the world and also one of the most widely acknowledged. Many people use it as their primary source of information when looking for unique ideas, product recommendations, among other topics.

As an affiliate marketer, you may use Pinterest to increase traffic to and earnings from your affiliate links. This article will demonstrate how to use affiliate marketing on Pinterest so you can start making money with this well-liked website.

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A Complete Guide to Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest 2023

First off, in 2023, will Pinterest still be a useful tool for affiliate marketing?

Particularly in 2023, Pinterest is a potent affiliate marketing platform. By creating pins that point visitors towards your affiliate website, you may improve reputation and encourage consumers to make purchases. 

Pinterest is the ideal site for showcasing your affiliate items in a way that motivates people to take action because of its innovative and aesthetically pleasing platform.

It’s critical to produce visually appealing and educational pins if you are interested in maximising the effectiveness of your affiliate marketing approach on Pinterest. You can spark users’ interest and persuade them to click on to your affiliate website by including an attention-grabbing headline and description.

Important Information Before Engaging in Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest

A wonderful method to earn some extra money on Pinterest is through affiliate marketing. There are a few things you need to know, nevertheless before you start working.

What in Particular Do You Want to Achieve With Your Goals?

Setting objectives and deciding what you want to accomplish are the most important aspects of affiliate marketing on Pinterest in 2023. Make sure your goals are specific, attainable, and measurable, whether you’re trying to increase leads for the business you’re working with or audience loyalty. Don’t forget to increase brand recognition for both the business you are affiliated with and for yourself.

Do You Still Fit in the Market, Niche?

Do you want to use Pinterest for affiliate marketing? Are you still in need of figuring out whether your niche is still profitable on the platform?

Affiliate marketers have access to endless inspiration on Pinterest. With affiliate marketing on Pinterest, you can advance in a niche like travel, food, DIY crafts, health, fitness, or home furnishings. There’s no need to panic if your niche isn’t one of those sought-after ones on Pinterest. The platform is still available for you to advertise affiliate deals from other systems.

High-quality and relevant pins: Prioritizing quality over quantity

Prioritising quality over quantity is key when using Pinterest for affiliate marketing. Repinned pins are more likely to be of good quality and pertinent to your topic, which can help you expand your audience and traffic. If you’re just getting started, try to produce 5–10 excellent pins daily. Once you have a larger following, you may start creating more pins.

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How Can Affiliate Links Be Added To Pinterest?

You must have the ability to add Links before you can start enjoying the advantages of Pinterest affiliate marketing. Fortunately, it’s easy!

Create a business profile on Pinterest.

You must a Pinterest business profile in order to add affiliate links to your pins. By going to the website and performing the tasks that come next, you can create an institution profile on Pinterest:

The “Sign up” option is the one in the top-right corner of your screen.

Create a Pinterest business account by clicking the icon.

Include your age, set up a password, and enter your email address.

To proceed, click “Create account.”

Complete the forms to create your profile, then click Next.

Making a New Pin

It’s simple to add a new pin with your affiliate link. Go to the Create tab and choose Create Pin to create a pin. With the use of third-party applications like Buffer or Tailwind, you can also schedule pins in advance.

Select the Upload tab from the Create Pin screen to add a picture from your computer or other device. By choosing the Website tab and inputting the image’s URL, you can also select an image from a website.

Include Pin Details

By adding a pin to your profile, you may stand out from the crowd and showcase your creativity. You can attract attention and distinguish yourself from the competition by including a title and pin description with pertinent keywords. 

If you’re promoting a beauty cream, for instance, you may use a specific phrase like “anti-aging” or “hydrating” to help consumers find your product more easily.

Make sure your descriptions are also both original and informative. Utilise them as a component of the solution; keep in mind that Pinterest users typically have a specific goal in mind. Use your descriptions to provide people with the information or inspiration they need. Consider using pertinent hashtags to increase the discoverability of your pins. 

You are allowed to develop your own affiliate pins as long as they adhere to Pinterest’s and your network’s standards, despite the fact that the majority of affiliate networks will provide you with already assembled affiliate pins.The use of hashtags is entirely optional on this platform.

A pro tip is to avoid making your title or description overly long because this makes readers less interested. Be succinct, direct, and to the point.

Link to Your Affiliate Page

It’s time to include your affiliate link now that your pin is prepared for use. Add your affiliate link under Destination Link to accomplish this. When users click on your pin, they will be redirected to this URL. Make sure you’re utilising an affiliate link that links to your website or blog because Pinterest visitors may click on the website link in your pin description.

Once your affiliate link has been added, choose the board where you wish to keep your pin, then click Publish. That’s all, then! Your first affiliate pin on Pinterest has now been made.

Pro Tip: Instead of using direct affiliate links, use links that go to landing sites to increase traffic. However, some users might be wary about clicking on links that direct them to unfamiliar websites. The user can grow discouraged and quit the website altogether if these straight links lead to pages with more content.

This does not, however, imply that you should never use direct affiliate connections again. They are easy to use and direct consumers to the desired location.

Link shortening services are not allowed on Pinterest.

Create Graphics That Catch The Eye

Make sure your pins are of great quality and striking design if you want them to be recognised. This can be accomplished by employing lovely, pertinent imagery along with captivating descriptions.

With a portrait orientation, Pinterest Pin photos often have a 2:3 aspect ratio. Their preferred image size is 1000 by 1500 pixels, however if the image is too huge, it may be cropped off, which will reduce the Pin’s quality.

Pro tip: Use visually arresting photos to make your visuals interesting. Make sure the text in the image is simple to read if you’re including it.


Two procedures exist for publishing a pin:

Publish right now

Release a work later

What’s the distinction?

As immediately as you post your pin, it will be shown on your profile and in search results.

However, you can schedule your pin earlier if you decide to declare it public at a later time. If you want to advertise a sale or special event that will take place in the future, use this.

You might choose the time and day that you want a pin to go live when you schedule it. If you want to reach somebody’s age group or time zone, this is useful.

2023 Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Plan

One of the best strategies for increasing traffic to your website or blog is Pinterest marketing. Additionally, it’s a site you need to pay attention to with over 431 million active users per month.

If you aren’t already using Pinterest for business, now would be the time to start. Here is a brief explanation of how to begin using Pinterest affiliate marketing and make affiliate sales:

Look for affiliate networks and programmes that have the products you want to promote.

Discover affiliate networks and programmes that sell the products you wish to market before you start promoting them on Pinterest. If you’re unsure of where to begin, you can use a search engine like Google to look for affiliate programmes in your niche.

Create a number of Boards and Pins in advance

Generally speaking, there are no boundaries and you are free to make as many pins as you like. Just make sure the things you offer are appropriate for both your target demographic and specialty. Your audience will grow as a result, and your posts will be more coherent.

Naturally, you don’t want to distribute affiliate links carelessly. To get people to click on your pins, make sure they are intriguing and original. Your affiliate marketing initiatives will be effective if you do it this manner.

You can keep all of your favourite pins on Pinterest on boards, which are like digital scrapbooks. Make sure your boards are pertinent to your niche if you want to draw in a particular audience. To keep Pinterest’s algorithm pleased and demonstrate that your Pinterest account is active, you can create new boards about once a month.

For instance, if you specialise in parenting, you might develop boards for toddler activities, baby goods, and pregnancy. To increase engagement with your target audience, get creative with your boards.

Increase Your Follower Number

Start by following other profiles on Pinterest and sharing trending stuff to increase your following. To increase your exposure, you can also join discussion boards. Simply make sure to join forums related to your interests or industry.

Engage Your Audience by Communicating with Them

Every social media channel has two directions. You need to engage your audience if you want to grow a following. This entails answering comments, retweeting, and sharing content.

If you take the time to interact with your audience, they will be more inclined to show up. This interaction will make your fans more receptive to you and increase their likelihood of making future purchases from you.

Plan Out Your Posts

You can pre-schedule your pins with a few simple clicks and distribute them over the course of a week or month. In doing this, you can maintain consistency with your material and make sure that more people notice your pins.

Grow Your Email List With Pinterest

You can easily grow your email list using Pinterest, but your landing page needs to have an email opt-in. Giving a lead magnet, discount offer, or other kind of incentive will enable your Pinterest visitors to subscribe to your mailing list.

Regular email campaigns assist with retaining your new subscribers interested so that you can keep a line of communication open. You don’t want potential customers to leave your website without making a purchase if you don’t.

Improve the SEO of your profile and pins.

You want as many people to see your pins as possible, just like you would a blog post on Google. Because of this, it’s crucial to SEO-optimize your pins.

Here are some pointers:

Keep your profile visible by making sure search engines can find it.

Keep your boards and pins organised so that others who are exploring your profile may quickly locate what they’re looking for.

Consider the terms your target audience would use when conducting a web search to identify the keywords connected with your niche.

To make your work more discoverable, use pertinent keywords in your profile, pin descriptions, and board descriptions.

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Long-tail keywords might increase traffic to your website.

Check the Health of Your Pins

It’s critical to examine the performance of your pins to determine what is and isn’t working. After that, you may adjust your strategy appropriately.

Check out Pinterest’s analytics to discover how well your pins are doing. You can view the number of people who have saved your pins, the amount of traffic you are receiving from Pinterest, and the pins that are being repinned the most here.

This information is useful because it will enable you to identify the material that is connecting with your audience and generating results.

The Key Is Consistency

Create one to three boards every week or a handful of pins per day for success in affiliate marketing on Pinterest. To maintain consistency, create a workflow and employ scheduling applications.

Guidelines for Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest

Learn about and abide by Pinterest’s community rules:

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro, Pinterest’s Community Guidelines are a terrific resource for affiliate marketers. The Guidelines go into crucial subjects including paid partnerships, spam prevention, and site security and access. You can use Pinterest safely and easily by adhering to the guidelines.

Make Affiliate Links Public

FTC regulations state that you must declare any connections you may have to a brand or business while endorsing their goods. Affiliate links are included in this. You must disclose to your readers that you may receive compensation if they make a purchase after clicking on one of your blog’s Amazon affiliate links. To maintain transparency on Pinterest, tag your pins with “sponsored” or “affiliated” words.

Keep Your Suggestions Up to Date

When you publish original, up-to-date content, Pinterest users adore you. As a result, update your pins or share any new product listings as soon as they become available to keep them looking fresh and up to date.

Learn the Rules of Your Affiliate Programme

Make sure to ask your affiliate programme about any unique guidelines they may have. For instance, while some affiliate programmes forbid it, others allow you to connect directly to product pages. You can prevent any future issues by being aware of the affiliate program’s regulations.


Which affiliate networks are accessible on Pinterest for collaboration?

You can work with a variety of affiliate networks on Pinterest. ShareASale, Amazon Associates, Awin, CJ Affiliate, and Impact are a few of the most well-known ones. How to identify profitable affiliate programmes in your niche is covered in our tutorial. Read it to find out more.

Which Pinterest niches are most popular?

Fashion, beauty & personal care, entertainment, health & fitness, parenthood, food & drink, sporting goods, DIY, gift ideas & crafts, travel, and home decor are some of the most well-liked Pinterest topics. 

Which tools can I utilise to shore up my Pinterest affiliate marketing plan?

In conjunction with Tailwind, Buffer, and Pinterest itself, Canva is a fantastic tool for making pins that stand out. Another scheduling choice you have is Hootsuite, which connects with Tailwind.

What is SEO on Pinterest?

The method of optimising your pins and boards for Pinterest SEO can help them appear higher in search results. Similar to Google, Pinterest uses its own algorithm to choose which pins to display for each search.

Can you still apply Pinterest for affiliate marketing if you don’t have a website?

You can use Pinterest to market your affiliate products even if you don’t have a website. However, before you get started, make sure your affiliate programme allows direct connecting from the platform.

Make Your Pins Pop & Get Paid More

Create pins that stand out from the competition to showcase your marketing prowess. Since Pinterest is a visual search engine, it is all about high-quality images. Therefore, be sure your pins are interesting and of great quality.

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